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    Welcome to SHOP HARVIE!


    “For the Modern Woman whose confidence shines through her everyday style”


    SHOP HARVIE began from the want to have creativity + passionate work in my day to day life. I’m Emily, the owner and founder of SHOP HARVIE.


    From a very early age, I began falling in love with fashion. It became my creative outlet. I was always known as the girl who “loved fashion”. Fashion was my way to express myself and find confidence within. Realizing I had a true passion for this field, I decided to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Business from Virginia Commonwealth University. I spent four years learning all the in’s and out’s of the ever changing fashion industry. I graduated with my degree in May of 2017. Now to only find a job in the field.


    With no interest to move away from my new home in Richmond, Virginia, my search for a full-time job in the fashion industry fell short. After two years of working outside of the fashion industry, my desire to find a way to incorporate this passion was strong. I would sit and daydream at my desk about beginning my own business.


    The moment it all changed for me- after having a small epiphany moment in my living room, I decided I would officially be the girl who just went for it. No matter what may happen. I grabbed my laptop and googled “How to start a business” and SHOP HARVIE began. (You have to start somewhere right!)  With the continuous encouragement of family and friends, endless nights of researching and praying, many tears and laughs, SHOP HARVIE began JUNE 2019.


    My goal with SHOP HARVIE is to provide chic, affordable, trendy styles for the everyday woman. Items she will wear and feel she can conquer whatever may come her way with style and grace. I do believe that when you dress good, you feel good and when you feel good, well there’s really no stopping what you can achieve.


    “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, but the women wearing them WILL”


    I can’t wait to continue to see how SHOP HARVIE grows. Thank you for supporting my boutique + journey.
    I love seeing my customers in our pieces! Please tag us on Instagram #shopharviestyle



    XO, Emily